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A manufacturing method of aluminum plastic plate composite equipment

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The purpose of the utility model is to solve the shortcomings existing in the prior art, and to propose an aluminum-plastic plate composite equipment.

In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme:

The utility model relates to an aluminum-plastic plate composite equipment, which comprises a base, the top of the base is welded with two support rods, the top of the two support rods is welded with the same fixed block, the top of the fixed block is provided with a rotation hole, the top of the fixed block is fixedly installed with a motor, the fixed block is provided with a rotation cavity, the rotation cavity is connected with the rotation hole, and the output shaft of the motor runs through the rotation hole and extends to the rotation cavity and connects with the rotation hole The first sliding hole is connected with the rotating cavity. A sliding rod is installed in the first sliding hole. One end of the sliding rod extends into the rotating cavity and is rotated and installed with a ball. The rolling ball contacts with the eccentric wheel. The other end of the sliding rod extends into the sliding groove and is welded with a sliding block The bottom extends to the lower part of the fixed block and is welded with a brush plate, and the bottom of the brush plate is evenly provided with bristles.

Preferably, the fixed sleeve on the sliding rod is provided with an annular block, which is located in the rotating cavity.

Preferably, one end of the ring block close to the sliding groove is welded with a spring, the other end of the spring is welded on the inner wall of the rotating cavity, and the spring is sheathed on the sliding rod.

Preferably, the sliding block is provided with a second sliding hole, and a fixing rod is slidingly installed in the second sliding hole, and both sides of the fixing rod are respectively welded on the inner walls of both sides of the sliding groove.

Preferably, the top of the base is fixedly installed with two clamping blocks, the top of the base is provided with an aluminum-plastic plate, the aluminum-plastic plate is located between the two clamping blocks, and the top of the aluminum-plastic plate is matched with the bristles.

Preferably, a sliding ball is arranged on the inner wall of the first sliding hole, and the sliding ball is in sliding contact with the sliding rod.

Compared with the prior art, the utility model has the advantages of:

The surface impurities of the aluminum-plastic plate can be cleaned by the coordination of the rotating hole, motor, rotating cavity, eccentric wheel, chute, first sliding hole, sliding rod, ball, ring block, spring, sliding block, brush plate and bristle. When in use, the motor is started, the output shaft of the motor rotates to drive the eccentric wheel, the eccentric wheel rotates to drive the ball, and the ball rotates to drive the slide The rod slides in the first sliding hole, the sliding rod drives the annular block to move, and the annular block drives the spring to expand and contract under force. At the same time, the spring makes the ball always contact with the eccentric wheel, the sliding rod drives the slider to slide in the sliding groove, and the second sliding hole and the fixed rod cooperate to ensure that the slider does not deviate. The sliding block drives the brush plate to slide back and forth, and the brush plate moves back and forth The moving bristles brush the aluminum-plastic plate back and forth on the aluminum-plastic plate, so as to clean the surface impurities of the aluminum-plastic plate;

The utility model can clean the surface impurities of the aluminum-plastic plate, thereby improving the use performance of the aluminum-plastic plate, and has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use.

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