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A2 Noncombustible ACP Line

  • ETFR1300/1600/2000-A2
  • Evertopest

The new FR aluminum composite panel with high class fireproof performance, which is the new choice for the modern architecture and decoration.

A2 Non-combustible Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel Continuous Product Line

A2 Noncombustible ACP Line-1

The machine make the inorganic powder mixing, stirring, extruding to the soft core board, then go through the flexible transmission system with different heating, squeezing, after that bonding the up and bottom metal sheet under the continuous hot roller.

The Line use a unique new technical to replace the normal flammable material with non combustible material in the ACP, and with the function of automatic continuous production.

The new FR composite panel with high grade fireproof performance, which is the new choice for the modern architecture and decoration.

A2 Noncombustible ACP Line-2

A2 Noncombustible ACP Line-3

The panel can meet the stringent fire-reaction requirements of the European fire certification EN 13501-1, class A2 while offering an unlimited creative freedom in terms of transformations, applications, designs and colours. 

The new aluminum composite panel with A2 core is the ideal solution for facades and roof cladding because it shows improved performance against fire.


A2 Noncombustible ACP Line-4


A2 Noncombustible ACP Line-5

  • Multifunction ACP Line (A2+B1)

    Our Company newly developed the multifunction composite panel line, which can use same machine produce the A2 Non-combustible Aluminum Composite Panel and also can switch to produce the B1 Aluminum Composite Panel.


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