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EVERTOPEST is a professional supplier of ACP Product Line, Aluminum Pretreatment Product Line, Coating Baking Product Line, A2 ACP Line, B1 ACP Line, 3D ACP Line, Honeycomb ACP Line and A2 Core Roll Product Line. 

We had the long-term partners with the biggest ACP manufacturers in the world. (Such as Alucobond, Alubond, Stacbond, Aludecor, Feiteng, Alutile, Alucomaxx, Fameline, Alucoil, Alcopanel, etc.)

Our Machine well sale in Middle East, Southeast Asia, USA, European and other countries and has won a good reputation. (USA, Spain, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Russia, etc.)

Our company also supply the raw materials, A2 aluminum composite panel, 3D ACP, Metal composite panel and other machines.

Customer's request is always our priority. 
We‘re looking forward to the long term cooperation with friends from all around the world.
04. November 2020
New technology for ACP line

New technology for ACP line The new process of aluminum-plastic composite panel production is that the extruder directly squeezes the plastic through the 45-degree die into the middle of the 45-degree rubber film composite roller, and the plastic without cooling is directly bonded to the film

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17. April 2021
Application scope of 3D panel

3D board can be used in the home decoration of TV background wall, sofa background wall and bedroom wall in family living room. It is also widely used in the design and decoration of image wall, art wall and various background walls in hotels, clubs, restaurants, specialty stores, furniture exhibiti

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02. April 2021
What is the use of aluminum plastic sheet?

1. Building exterior wall, curtain wallboard.2. The exterior walls of the old building were refitted and renovated.3. Balcony, equipment unit, indoor compartment.4. Panel, sign board, display stand.5. Interior wall decorative panels, ceiling, advertising signs.6. Industrial materials, cold insulatio

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27. March 2021
Definition of aluminum plastic sheet

In foreign countries, there are many kinds of names for aluminum-plastic panels, including aluminum composite panels, aluminum composite materials, and Alucobond, the first aluminum composite panel in the world. There are not many foreign enterprises producing aluminum-plastic sheet, but the product

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Evertopest is a professional supplier of Aluminum Composite Panel Line (LDPE, Foam, B1, A2, 3D, Honeycomb core), Aluminum Pretreatment Line, Color Coating Line.
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