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04. November 2020
New technology for ACP line

New technology for ACP line The new process of aluminum-plastic composite panel production is that the extruder directly squeezes the plastic through the 45-degree die into the middle of the 45-degree rubber film composite roller, and the plastic without cooling is directly bonded to the film

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31. December 2020
A manufacturing method of aluminum plastic plate composite equipment

Technical implementation elements:The purpose of the utility model is to solve the shortcomings existing in the prior art, and to propose an aluminum-plastic plate composite equipment.In order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model adopts the following technical scheme:The utility model rel

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18. December 2020
Brief introduction of aluminum plastic plate

Aluminum plastic plate simple aluminum plastic composite board is a kind of composite material which is made of chemical treated coated aluminum plate as surface material and polyethylene plastic as core material on special aluminum plastic plate production equipment. The unique performance of alumi

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04. December 2020
HYLFW-600 aluminum honeycomb core automatic gluing machine equipment

The HYLFW-600 aluminum honeycomb core automatic gluing machine equipment can change the gluing rollers of different specifications according to the needs to accurately apply the predetermined width, spacing and glue amount to the surface of the aluminum foil, and dry the surface of the aluminum foil

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27. November 2020
"Chinese equipment" in the cast aluminum-plastic panel industry

As a new type of building decoration material, aluminum-plastic panels have been shining with unique metallic luster on buildings of various styles in all corners of the world since their birth in the 1960s, changing their shapes and elegantly decorated with various space. As the world's largest con

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16. November 2020
Strong function of aluminum three-dimensional composite panel production line

The aluminum three-dimensional composite panel production line is a new type of composite panel production line developed by EVERTOPEST combining aluminum corrugated composite panel and aluminum-plastic composite panel production line technology. The composite board also has A2 grade fireproof perfo

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