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Steel Color Coating Product Line

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Color coating line can coating twice paints and baking one pass after the aluminium rolls cleaned,which raises the efficiency of the color painting. Any of the neglects,which happened in small sectors when coating may influence the quality of the products,while the most of the profits of coating comes from the qualification rates. Meanwhile,the qualification rates depend on if the designs of equipment is perfect or not. Based on the experience of live practices for many years,we've summarized the measures that improve the qualification rates,which is abundantly embodied on our lines. No matter on the respect of appearance or inherent quality or maneuverability,certainly this is a set of creditable and high-grade line. Also can choose the non stop coating machine, which no need to stop when change the paint.

Steel Color Coating Product Line-1

General Parameters (can be designed based customer's request)

Steel Color Coating Product Line-2

Steel Color Coating Product Line-3

ECO System (save energy, treat the solvent)

Steel Color Coating Product Line-4.


Steel Color Coating Product Line-5


Steel Color Coating Product Line-6

  • Multifunction ACP Line (A2+B1)

    Our Company newly developed the multifunction composite panel line, which can use same machine produce the A2 Non-combustible Aluminum Composite Panel and also can switch to produce the B1 Aluminum Composite Panel.


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